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Media Supports On My Journey

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Here are some of my favorite Websites, Apps and Podcasts:


Heartspace Yoga Center is the original home of Belly Hazen Apothecary. It is through Andrea Thibaudeau's classes over the years on a healing path that I came to know the power of yoga. Join her for yoga practices either on-line or live by signing on to the fitDEGREE App. Andrea regularly teaches a Healthy Habits course called Live Like A Yogi. If you don't know about it already, you must check it out. She also has created a Yoga Teacher Training program that will be available on-line and it will be AMAZING!! During the pandemic Andrea realized that teacher training opportunities needed to become virtual and she spent the better part of a year making hers available this way. I've taken the training more than once, and highly recommend it for anyone wanting to go deeper with their yoga practice, even if there's no desire to teach. Grant money is available to cover the training costs for Vermonters and Andrea can tell you more about that. In addition to Heartspace Yoga Center's Facebook group, Andrea has a new group

Occidental Nutrition is where you can find Mary Sheila Gonnella. She has a You-Tube Channel also, and a monthly Vitality Club. MarySheila is my nutritionist and seems to have studied every pathway to health that I can think of and have been interested in. She's rooted deeply in Ayurveda and is a fantastic teacher. The Vitality Club is wonderful, each month created around a new topic. I am on my second year as a member and it's so much fun to have made friends from Vt. to CA. Material is covered in a recorded video, followed by a Monday evening recorded zoom call Q&A. Each month has handouts with supportive information and recipes.

Nicole Barlett, one of the coaches in the Live Like A Yogi course and Heartspace Teacher Training studies Ayurveda with Katie Silcox. Her Ayurveda wisdom can be delved into at The Shakti School. Katie's Book Happy Healthy and Sexy is wonderful and her podcast is delightful. Ask Nicole more about studying with her if you are interested.

Talya's Kitchen and Ayurveda Everyday with Talya are two sites where you will find another teacher of mine, Talya Lutzker. Talya guides amazing cleanses, teaches courses on Ayurveda and is an Ayurvedic practitioner, reading pulses and giving treatments to those who live near Santa Cruz, CA. She is the teacher of an Ayurveda Course I took - The Practice of Ayurveda. Despite her distance from Vermont, she is accessible for phone consults and is a great teacher for anyone wanting to to begin learning about Ayurveda -- in her Starter School, through Cleanses and the many other learning opportunities offered. If you are interested in Ayurveda at all, you might want to get on her mailing list. Talya's shop carries many Ayurveda tools and products, and be sure to get her Body Love Starter's Guide and discover your Dosha with her resources or classes. At this time I understand she is on a summer sabbatical, but my guess is she'll be back in full action in the fall. My table is FULL of her recipes and Ayurvedic guidance.

I want to put a link in to another very skillful Ayurvedic guide, Anna Welle and one of her programs, Soul Body Bliss, where there are big and little programs. I trained with her in Cate Stillman's Awake Living course, now called Master of You. She has taken this material and made it her how. Recently I've benefitted from two mini courses, giving Life Design and Time Management support. And she offers so more. Early together in training, I won't loose touch with the beautiful ways the much younger Anna supports people on their paths to integrity and bliss, especially when Ayurveda and life management is your highest desire. Anna Welle can be found at Annaveda

Banyan Botanicals is not only an amazing source of Ayurvedic products, but also knowledge. Many people do not know how much can be learned when poking about the site! If Ashwagandha, Shatavari and Triphala now sound familiar to you, these are some of the many powders or tablets that can be sourced here (if not from Andrea at Heartspace) or a local shop you trust. You can learn about your Dosha on this site as well. It's a wonderful resource that is worth checking out.

Heartsong Farm Wellness Center in Groveton, NH is the home of another one of Andrea's coaches, Nancy Phillips. Nancy is an amazing herbalist who is a special student of Rosemary Gladstar. They are lucky to be friends and co-teachers. As a matter of fact Rosemary teaches at Heartsong Farm often. Nancy has devoted her adult years to herbal studies and the creation of a magical place with her husband, Michael, a well know and Orchardist and teacher who teaches all around the country. I met Nancy through Andrea's teacher training. We helped her with courses that followed ours and Nancy now teaches Yoga in her yurt and in town. Nancy has studied Integrative Medicine and Ayurveda, trained here in Vt at the Ayurvedic Center of Vermont before and during the pandemic. No-one should miss the opportunity to get out to one of Nancy's workshops or to do one of her immersion courses or intensives. There is always yoga and some Ayurveda thrown in -- she is seeped in that also.

We are so lucky to have the Ayurvedic Center of Vermont right here in our state. Meet with Allison for a consultation or treat yourself to one of their many treatments. As soon as you walk in the door you will know you are in for a treat. The warmth and calm of the staff, most dressed in white, and the aroma of the daily kitcheree will be what your first meet. Then you'll be invited to have a cup of tea and wait in an area with a library of beautiful books. What follows is up to you! There are also trainings offered by the Center. Nancy can probably tell you more.


The Whole View (Used to be The Paleo View). Sarah Ballantyne, "the well-known Paleo Mom" is the science-based guide on this, along with her buddy, Stacey Katz, who has her own website Real Everything. They have a really fun and very informative show. I have listened since the beginning and they are now on Podcast #450-something, with one show a week. I don't think I've missed a ONE! They just changed their name since what they offer in NOT just Paleo, but follows the most current trends in nourishment with whole nutrient dense foods and everything else that supports health no matter where your health and immune issues might stand. Sarah has a new book out on the Microbiome, which is slow in coming and may be made available in parts on-line. I'm keeping my eye open for this one, for sure.

Yogahealer Podcast This is Cate Stillman — can’t go wrong tapping into her wisdom. She is the author of Body Thrive, the text for Andrea's original Live Like A Yogi courses.

The Ghee Spot Katie Silcox is Nicole teacher. Oh my, what a delicious treat she is to listen to! She is another version of Andrea Thibaudeau, our local yoga Goddess/Gem

Ask Wardee It is with Wardee Harmon where I starting learning in more detail about Traditional Cooking. I have almost all her books and e-books, and started off learning everything from Allergy-free to Hormonal Balancing cooking, Women’s health, Cooking for Kids, Weston A Price methods, instantPot and Pressure cooking. I began ALL fermenting, soaking, drying, nutrient dense preparation from her. If you like to make your own healing foods, she is a great resource.


fitDEGREE is where you can sign up for Andrea's classes, or use her website.

Insight Timer I’d say that everyone should have this App. If you become a member you help others to get it free while having the ability to download anything. Recently they have been boosting their live events — yoga, meditation and good solid wisdom about living a life with presence and intention. My favorite teachers: Jennifer Piercy — Yoga Nidra (she’s doing a free LIVE class Thursday, August 13th at 8 p.m. Tara Brach The Stillpoint

Stressfit Kate James Sally Kempton Andrea Wachter Sarah Blondin Kristin Neff

Dr. Candice Creasman

Jason McGrice

Jonni Pollard

Danielle March

John Siddique

Vanessa Loder Laurie Cameron Hugh Byrne

Bethany Auriel-Hagan

Judson Brewer

Dr. Karolien Notebaert

Jack Kornfield

Tomek Wyczesany

Carolyn Anne Budgell

My all-time favorite courses on Insight Timer: *Self Acceptance through Authenticity with John Siddigue Find a Balance Between Being and Doing Yoga Nidra: Your Sleep Solution with Julie Murphy Yogaressa.

*50 Days to a Mindful Life with Laurie J. Cameron Learn to Embody Your True Power with Jonni Pollard Embrace the Elements for Healing and Growth with Danielle March Create a Conscious Morning Ritual Your Guide to Deeper Sleep with Jennifer Piercy Removing the Inner Blocks to Success with Vanessa Loder

Unwind Your Anxious Mind with Judson Brewer Learning from the Masters with Dvid Gandelman *Build Self-Belief Through Mindful Action with Kate James

*Coming Home to Yourself with Sarah Blondin How to Navigate your Breath in Stressful Times with Carolyn Anne Budgell

Creating Conscious Relationships with Manoj Dias Learn How To Say No with Jessica Amos Yoga Principles For Transformation with Brian Hyman Your Anxiety Relief Toolkit with Andrea Wachter The Science of Overcoming Insomnia with Dawson Church (give it a try — it works it you work it!)

Ten Percent Happier This App comes free for a month, I think, and continued to be for certain folks while people sheltered at home during the Pandemic. Each day there was a live afternoon short meditation and Q&A time. It was awesome! The Ap has great courses and supports for learning about how to bring more Mindfulness into your everyday life. I really enjoyed Judson Brewer’s course on Mindful Eating. Check it out during your free time if you do anything! My new favorite teacher is now Oren Jay Sofer, with topics NOT food related, but BEING related.

Zero Fasting App Help track your fasting (and to just LEARN if you are a beginner) and Learn from some experienced Fasters!

Healthy Minds is an app created for people who want to begin a path toward more present awareness. With a combination of podcast-style lessons and both seated and active meditations (which is why I like it -- I can bringing mindfulness training into my everyday activity), you learn what the science says about the brain while developing skills to tap into it all -- for a healthier, happier you. The creator is well known Neuroscientist Richie Davidson, whose mission is to translate science into tools that help cultivate and measure well-being. We all want Well-being, don't we? This might be the tool for you!

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