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Body Ecology Diet
This is a great book for anyone desiring to rebuild immunity and digestive health. Donna Gates addresses microbial health and candida beautifully. 
Cooking for Hormonal Balance
This is an excellent book for anyone wanting to find food solutions for  getting their hormones into balance. Magdelena is a wise guide who guides  readers to  create of food  choices and combinations that restore hormonal balance. Great recipes, beautiful photos, and insight into management of  weight issues via attention to hormones.
The Ayurvedic Self-Care Handbook
Easy search-and-find reference for all things Ayurveda.  The teachings come from a very reputable source, the author's teacher Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar. He is amazing and his student does a nice job making ayurveda user friendly.  I use this often for quick access to information
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
Marie Kondo's name has become a known outside of Japan where she helped many people tidy up and get organized. Now many Americans use her method  to clear out clutter.  Ask the question: "Does it Spark Joy?" and go from there. She also writes a follow-up book called Spark Joy
Healthy Happy & Sexy by Katie Silcox (Nicole's teacher)
Oh my, is this an amazing book. Nicole gifted this book to me.  Reading it delights me in the same way as being in a class with Andrea Thibadeau!  She has a beautiful podcast you should definitely look into.  It's called The Ghee Spot.  Every topic is full of wisdom, tips and Katie's brightness and humor.
The Prime
Andrea turned me on to this book in an earlier LLY class.  Kulreet Chaudhary is an integrative neurologist well versed in Ayurveda.  She goes into detail about the way we can meet and repair what's out of balance in  our physical bodies. Great guidance on gut repair.Very helpful for people wanting to address weight issues.
The Paleovedic Diet
by Akil Palanisamy, MD
I followed this book when transitioning from Paleo to Ayurveda.  It helped let me release a grip on following a diet that may not have served me in some of the same ways it had.  I still reference and use his tips for making meals as digestible for me and anyone.  Fantastic tips for people who have had to watch their foods.
The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook by Kate O'Donnell
Not too many people studying how to eat with Ayurveda principles don't know Kate O'Donnell's book.  It is what she calls it -- a Seasonal Guide to Eating and Living Well.  It didn't become my true kitchen companion until I started reading everything between the recipes and in the sidebars.  You'll love her, and this might be the ONE cookbook to have if you can only have one.  Then of course there is Divya Alter's book Eat for How You Feel?.... 
Body Thrive by  Cate Stillman
This is the text for Heartspace Yoga's Live Like A Yogi Program.  Cate Stillman made Ayurveda useful for modern life by teaching how we can up level our bodies and lives with 10 habits.  Once automated there is the promise of Thriving.  Talk to someone who uses them and ask what they think, or read the book.  Better yet, sign up for the next 10 month Live Like A  Yogi program and find out for yourself.
Everyday Ayurveda Cooking 
for a Calm, Clear Mind 
by Kate O'Donnell
This is Kate's second book, one she wanted to write while still working on her first.  You'll find more than the 100 simple Sattvic recipes, but a rich text and gentle guidance into how we eat can have an effect on the mind.  Part One is all about the body/mind connection, making this my favorite of Kate's two books.  But of course I want to have both. What one book doesn't have the other does. 
The Wild Wisdom of Weeds
by Katrina Blair
For anyone wanting to bring more wild foods into their diet, you will get some guidance and inspiration here.  It's a forager's guide that includes 100 recipes, but more importantly you will learn how to find food and self care right out your back door.
A Life of Balance
by Maya Towari
It wasn't until I read the forward of this book and continued reading what Maya wrote before she offers her numerous recipes that I really saw the value of this older book.  This confirmed my trust that we can heal our bodies with the principles and practices that the ancient science of Ayurveda  offers. The recipes have been tried and true for many years, and are surely rooted in the experience of food that heals, deep understanding of body types and ways of finding balance in the kitchen.  
Food As Medicine by Todd Caldecott
Published in 2012 this is one of the early books on using food as medicine.  I still live by this concept.  It is rooted in our most ancient healing traditions. Todd is a trained medical herbalist and practitioner of Ayurveda. This book is as much  about the theory of food as it is about how to prepare it so that it can work in a healing way.  It's a book to keep going back to again and again for a deeper understanding about what's available from nature to bring to your own kitchen apothecary. 
What to Eat For How you Feel by Divya Alter
Bulgarian chef, Divya Alter began a conscious relationship with food as an intern in an ashram in Bulgaria, which then inspired her to be a yogini.
Her approach to cooking is in relationship to the elements. This cookbooks is organized by season and includes variations according to the strength of one's digestion.

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Eat Taste Heal by Thomas Yarema, MD, Daniel Rhoda, DAS, and Chef Johnny Brannigan
This book was a treat to pursue whenever I was at the Ayurvedic Center, but perhaps too fancy for my own shelf. Now I own it.  Like the setting where it was created (Hawaii), it is a luxury.  I will always look here for a meal when I'm looking for a recipe specific for a particular dosha or season even though for each there are substitutions for the other two doshas. This is definitely a cookbook from which to choose meals, desserts or  beverages to serve your beloved self and others.
The Rainbow Diet by Deanna Minich, PhD
When you meet this book you may never again look at a meal without noticing the varied color in the meal or it's lack of some food on the color spectrum.  Deanna takes a novel but health-supportive approach to radiant health by examining how chakra colors relate to and bring forth the qualities and actions of the associated foods (and even some supplements). Red - root, orange - flow, yellow - fire, green - love, aquamarine - truth, indigo -  insight and white - spirit. 
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