"Belly Hazen is one of the best kept culinary secrets in the NorthEast Kingdom! The depth and breadth of their product range is truly extraordinary as is the quality of their ingredients. The Dosha Mixes really enhance the flavors of any meal and the Sweet Spice Mix is an amazing and versatile blend that we use to create new healthy snacks. I’ll be buying ever increasing amounts of spice mixes from Belly Hazen this year and for the foreseeable future, not only in support of my current recipes but also for the development of new meals for my family."

-Sarah S.

Belly Hazen Apothecary


Belly Hazen is here for you this Fall!

I just stocked the Heartspace refrigerator with a new batch of sauerkraut and Kombucha  while the scoby is doing the work of a good mother. And goat milk yogurt is back.  These along with ghee,  spices, drink mixes, granola and healthy snacks are now available at Heartspace Yoga Healing Center at 515 Bay St. in St J during open hours. Products, treat and snack options are accessible by self-serve to practitioners, clients, and all students who drop in or come to classes or events. The Apothecary is ready to serve you with regular product loyalty punch cards, credit options, special orders,  delivery if needed, and product requests. VENMO service payment is up and running! Peek at the white board and look for posted flyers leave a note in the suggestion box anytime or contact me for anything.

Give your digestion a lift this fall!


Ganesha, one of the most popular and beloved Hindu gods, is the remover of obstacles on one's path. Ganesha, also known as Ganapati, is known for bringing success in all ventures. Invoking him, we need not fear failure. Instead we may feel a sense of being protected. It is my wish that this site offers Knowledge to the seeker of wisdom and wellbeing, and that the products and services offer Guidance and Nourishment to individuals on a healing path.

This healing apothecary sprouted from seeds of fulfillment planted at https://heartspaceyogacenter.com.

Heart Space Healing Yoga Center is all about the heart, healing and community. At 151 Bay St. ~ in classes live or on Zoom, & with practitioners ~ we are given the opportunity to heal, access support and see more of who we are, and what we are capable of. We discover Light, Healing and Possibility, and we choose to live into it. We don't grow ourselves by ourselves!

Belly Hazen is about the body. Incorporating healing foods is one way to transform our health and reclaim balance. By calling on the principles of Ayurveda and the power of spices to enhance digestion, and by including a variety of more plant based and cultured foods in our diets, self healing becomes possible. Food can be our medicine.

Customers can make arrangements to order desired products regularly, or just serve yourself from the Apothecary shelf or from the refrigerator at the studio during the Center's expanded hours. Price lists are posted on the bulletin board and refrigerator. Payments made in the gold box under Ganesha, noted on a card for IOU or as a pre-paid gift card or charged through Venmo or another preferred service.  Contact me to make any arrangements. Please click here to see what's available and here for current prices.

Requests, comments, recommendations and special orders always welcome.